4 Reasons to Ship Your Car

4 Reasons to Ship Your Car

4 Reasons to Ship Your Car

If you’ve moved from one state to another, you probably realized that transporting your vehicle was a bigger hassle than you might have expected. And if you’re planning a move, do yourself a favor and take vehicle transportation off your to-do list!

Whether you’re moving to your winter home to avoid the cold or are headed off to college, hiring a car transport service is an easy and stress-free way to move your vehicle across the country. Scarlett Transportation provides first-class vehicle transportation, taking on the logistics and car transportation for you so that you can focus on the rest of your move.

If you’re not sure hiring a car transport service is worth it, then read on and learn more about four reasons to ship your car!

A black car being loaded onto a transport semi-truck ramp

Reduce the Risk of Damage

Your car is likely one of your most expensive possessions. Why take the chance of sustaining significant, costly repairs? Hiring a car transport service greatly reduces the risk of damage to your car(s) because trained, qualified professionals handle the job. Scarlett Transportation only partners with qualified motor carriers who we thoroughly vet to ensure that they maintain satisfactory safety ratings. They must also follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation that governs interstate commerce.

Two large trucks being carried on flatbed transport vehicles

Avoid Taking Time Off Work

Driving your car across the country is a time-consuming endeavor. For most people, this takes days and requires you to take time off of work. Instead of using up your valuable vacation time to drive a car state to state, save that PTO for an actual vacation and hire a professional car transport service! We stay in constant communication with you so you always know the vehicle’s progress and take great pride in delivering reliable, trustworthy results.

 Three vehicles being carried by a transport semi-truck

Reduce Your Stress

There’s no way around it. Moving is stressful. Every little bit that you can take off your plate is extra energy you can spend focusing on other more important tasks. Hiring a car transport service to ship your car places the burden in the hands of highly trained and skilled professionals. Our company is built on a strong work ethic and a dedication to our valued customers. We understand the pain points that come with moving a car across states, so we provide a solution that reduces your stress and frees you up to enjoy the exciting parts of your move!

A line of commercial fleet vans driving down the road

Avoid Injuries

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, having your car shipped is the best way to avoid injuries to yourself or others. Cars — of any kind — are heavy and require an experienced person to safely secure them for transport. Towing a car on your own can lead to mistakes and an increased risk of something going horribly wrong and causing injury. Scarlett Transportation will get your car safely from Point A to Point B, following all safety regulations and best practices. No injuries, no doctor visits. Just car transport completed on time and on budget.

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