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Scarlett Transportation provides a variety of car shipping solutions including open air transport, enclosed car transportation, single car transportation, and beyond. Protect your car and ship it safely and securely with Scarlett Transportation today!

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Vehicle Transportation, Simplified

  • Reliable Logistics

  • On-Time Deliveries

  • Stays Within Budget

  • Affordable Options

When you partner with Scarlett Transportation, you get a finely-tuned and reliable shipping option with on-time deliveries every time! Additionally, we provide a myriad of car shipping options to help you stay within budget and afford our services time and time again!

Different Vehicle Transportation Needs For Every Budget

Scarlett Transportation offers a variety of car shipping solutions based on your needs and budget.


Open Air Transport

This type of vehicle transportation is what most people are familiar with. It’s a large and open, two-tiered truck that can accommodate cars on the top and bottom.


Enclosed Car Transportation

Enclosed car transportation is different because the car is loaded into an enclosed trailer. It’s able to transport a single vehicle or multiple vehicles at once.


Single Car Transportation

Using a single car transport is less common and more expensive than the other options above. A single vehicle is loaded onto a trailer, and is not covered on the tops or sides, similar to an open air transport.


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If you’re in need of a reputable vehicle shipping company, our services are unrivaled.

Our Vehicle Transportation Services

Moving large cargo is a unique challenge. There are many different channels available, and it’s important to lock down the best one for you. If you don’t have a network dedicated to putting your vehicles first, you’ll be hit with delays, unfair prices, and needless complexity. At Scarlett Transportation, we combine hands-on care with cutting-edge electronic data interchange (EDI) software to move your freight through the country with unprecedented efficiency. We partner with:

  • Car dealerships

  • Corporations

  • Military organizations

  • Rental car companies

  • And more

Instead of tackling vehicle transportation logistics on your own, let Scarlett Transportation be your guide and advocate. We have years of experience and the priceless trust of fellow industry professionals. We’ll network for you, make it easy to track your cargo, and follow through when it matters most. Our integrity, proactive communication, and outstanding work ethic are second to none. Experience the Scarlett Transportation difference today.

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Vehicle Transportation